View Full Version : Former Minnesota Twins Ace Brad Radke

05-09-2009, 03:53 AM
I took a notion tonight to take a bunch more pics of my Brad Radke custom. First a picture of the real deal:


I made him from a Mark Prior McFarlane Sports Figure mostly because the Prior came with the much needed pinstripes I wanted to use for Radke's home jersey.

Really the only things I haven't gotten around to tweeking on him is a touch up of his beard and pinstripes and getting his name on his back. I may or may not ever get to these because I'm quite happy with the result I have right now:)

Radke is the third winningest pitcher in the history of the Minnesota Twins and was the staff ace for 9 of his 11 seasons with the team.

He never played for a team other than Minnesota and pitched his entire last season with a tear in his rotator cuff; forcing him to keep his arm in a sling inbetween starts, still managing to win 12 games that season while showing amazing heart and commitment to his team.

He was even instrumental in teaching Johan Santana the change up, the pitch which turned Johan into a superstar.

So here's my rendition of Brad Radke, now several years old. The logo's are actually just paper cut outs from magazines which worked out surprisingly well.