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08-07-2009, 11:30 AM
i have a bunch of vintage ARAH figures and vehicles, all have pics already taken, so if you want any pics, just ask.
if you are going to the action figure expo, we can do meet up there, buy in lots to save money
photos are here http://s260.photobucket.com/albums/ii33/brr-icy/arah%20joes%20for%20sale%20thread/

moray hydrofoil 70
missing two machine guns and lens for the boat, lamprey included, filecard and blueprints included as well, no gun for lamprey

white S.N.A.K.E. armor 15
includes flamethrower, missile, and stand, extra arm and two arm part attachments

mobile command center -make an offer
side ramp has one tab broken, has only one long missile and 4 short ones, and missing one or two machine guns, steamroller's filecard is included, as are the blueprints/instructions, i think i have both short hoses, with nozzles, long hose and winder, engine, elevator is complete, both front guns, all the parts for the radar dish, treads, all panels/missile racks are there, escape slide, jail house, bunk, map, chair, windsheilds etc

cobra dictator 20
missing machine guns, overlord, and overlor's helmet,
includes one of overlord's claws, his helmet, blueprints, and overlord's filecard

air chariot 20
missing serpentor and his cape, includes all other accessories for serpentor and his filecard, chariot is complete

transportable tactical battle platform 50
only missing 5 of the small rifles, everything including blueprints is included, tabs on the dock are broken, and one on the missile rack, but it doesn't affect it,

trubble bubble flight pod 15
only missing control arm, everything else is included

cobra stun 10
missing flags and rear gun, panel covers are damaged

cobra claw 10
only missing big white bomb

missing the pump for deep six, and one rear fin is glued, otherwise complete, with filecard for deepsix

forward observer 15
everything but one small missile included

cobra pogo 10
includes blueprints, missing antenna, very nice shape

bomb disposal 13
missing big black bomb, otherwise complete

AWE striker 30
vehicle is complete, missing crankcase and his rifle, helmet and filecard are included

assault copter dragonfly 25
missing one missile, wild bill is included, looks like the props were repaired at some point, still spin and look good

cobra rifle range 15
complete minus two rifles

silver mirage motorcycle 15
missing one missile and sidecar attachment looks like it has been glued

manta mail in 10
missing gun and one connector for the two boards, otherwise in perfect condition, includes blueprints

mountain howitzer 5 or free with 40 or more purchase
missing missiles, cannon tip chewed and wheels are broken, still can be displayed though

bivouac 10

missing machete, axe, cannon and bomb, cannon stand is there

cobra sea ray 20
only missing one missile, filecard, bluprints, and pistol for sea slug are included

stellar stilleto 15
includes filecard and blueprints, vehicle only missing one long missile, one canopy hinge broke, but still displays nice

destro's razorback 40
includes wild boar, he is complete with helmet and hose, razorback itself needs 4 more missiles, but everything else is there, including blueprints and seat belts

check point alpha 20
complete except big gun

arctic blast 15
missing missiles, includes filecard and blueprints, skis are there, but no widchill or his rifle

cobra hydro sled 15
only missing one missile, otherwise complete

cobra bunker 10
no guns or tip of missile, in great shape

killer whale 35
complete other than missing all but one depth charge, and is broken in a couple places, see pic, cutter is not included

polar battle bear 6
complete, discolored

cobra rope crosser backpack 6
complete, instructions included, really nice shape

battle copter 15
includes interrigator's filecard and all copter parts

flash 20
complete with filecard

taurus 15
complete with filecard

tomax and xamot 30
long pink scar version, complete with filecard

destro 20 1st edition
complete, and pretty sure the filecard is here

torch 5
figure only

gnawgahyde x2 10 and 6 respectively
1 has backpack, boar, hat, long knife, and rifle stand
2 has backpack, hat, and rifle stand

scrap iron 15
only missing his pistol, and the small connector part for the remote activator

dojo 5
missing his sickle, includes filecard

heavy duty 10
missing only his missiles

bats 20
only missing flamethrower attachment, no sticker, has filecard

zartan 5
broken leg and sled piece, only missing one ski and his mask, great to complete your figure on hold for aprim

golobulus 10
figure and filecard only

cesspool 15
complete except chainsaw

slice 8
stand, longsword, and filecard included

grunt straight arm 10
thumbs broke, missing rifle

zandar 9 on hold aprim
has filecard and backpack

zarana 9 on hold aprim
has filecard and backpack

flint 7
filecard and backpack included

charbroil 10
helmet, backpack, filecard, and hose included

capt. grid iron 10
has gun, two football grenades, two missiles, helmet, backpack and filecard

ripper 10
includes, both parts of backpack, hose, and weapon, no gun

red dog 9
includes backpack and filecard

major bludd 12
with backpack and uzi poem filecard

duke 1st version 15
includes backpack, binoculars, helmet and filecard

mutt 7
includes leash, gun, facemask, and filecard

t'jbang 6
includes figure stand and filecard

overkill 20
has filecard, stand, claw hand, and gun, electronics work great

tiger force roadblock 10
includes both parts of backpack, helmet and filecard

static line 6 sold
includes handgun, filecard, and possibly parachute, i'll have to look

airborne 5
includes backpack

snowjob 9
includes backpack, skis, and poles

scarlett straight arm figure only 8 sold

eels v1 10
includes both parts of backpack, filecard, and flippers

the fridge 5
includes filecard

nemesis enforcer 5
includes filecard

steeler mobat driver 10
includes binoculars and helmet, thumbs damaged

dice 10
includes figure stand, filecard, and axe

firefly figure only 5

g1 blitzwing complete, face marked 35, possibility of new head piece after action figure expo

g1 runabout 12 complete with instruction side of card

g1 defensor complete and mint 150
includes cardbacks and instructions for hotspot

08-08-2009, 12:30 AM
added figures

08-08-2009, 11:04 AM
added a bunch more

08-09-2009, 11:05 AM
added moray, snake and transformers