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08-23-2009, 01:38 PM
Here is my latest, my contest entry into The Undisputed Ninja Master contest over at HISS Tank.com.
Thanks to Daremo for putting this on & a BIG congrats to Jin Saotome(The Undisuted Ninja Master :D)

My entry into the Undisputed Ninja Master contest is a mythical ninja god.
Hundreds of years ago the old god of ancient times was coming to the end of his long-term reign over the old world.
His choice to replace him as the new god was not an easy one. It came down to a brave ninja warrior with unmatched supernatural like skills
or a dragon who for centuries faithfully guarded the sacred land that previous gods had created.
Although the ninja was favored because he was in human form, the dragon had served under the previous god and was mentioned by that god as having strong potential for becoming a god himself.
Knowing only the mightiest of the two could take over, the old god brought them together to battle for their place amongst the gods.
The battle lasted nearly 7 years, neither dragon or ninja having any more than a day or so break at one time.
The old god's time was up, he had to decide who would take his place.
The old god, impressed by the lengthy battle of the two dedicated opponents, decided to fuse the energies of both beings into one almighty hybrid god.
A god essentially made up purely of energy that could morph between dragon & human form.(since this is a god & not a human I tried to give him a "living energy" look.)
Dragon God in human form serves as a mentor with powers unmatched even in the mythical world to the warriors of those times.
He even makes appearances to the up & coming ninja masters during meditation sessions, showing off his unique choice in ancient, modern & mythical weaponry, as if to say "Pass on to others what it takes to be a great warrior".
The dragon however, has since lost his race altogether and has been focusing on giving the human form more power.
The dragon prefers to stay somewhat dormant within the fused hybrid deity, but will show himself if need be. Pray that he doesn't.

Parts used:
Head: Tri-Gate(modified to fit torso)
Torso: Tri-Gate
Upper arms: 5 pack Zartan
Lower arms & Hands: Star Wars Scuba Clone(modified)
Legs: 25th Serpentor(modified)
Weapons: Tri-Gate(staff is modified w/scratch built paper towel as fabric)
Energy blast: Scratch built, thin metal wires gone over with a hot glue gun then painted in clear colors.
Joints were trimmed/sanded - no paint rub !
Paint: Games Workshop/Citadel & Tamiya(only the clear paints) acrylics.
21 colors/shades:
Chaos black
Badab black(wash)
Scaly green
Custom mixed green #1
Custom mixed green #2
Scorpion green
Bad moon yellow
Skull white
Gunbolt metal
Mithril silver
Blazing orange
Blood red
Baal red(wash)
Bestial brown
Dark flesh
Dwarf flesh
Custom mixed flesh #1
Custom mixed flesh #2
Ogryn flesh(wash)
Clear yellow
Custom mixed clear green(from clear blue & clear yellow)












08-23-2009, 08:02 PM
Mr. TTT you continue to amaze me. That green is awesome. Pity the fool who tries to cross paint brushes with you.:D.

The winner has those stupid ROC Ice Viper legs, aghhhhh