View Full Version : ambasah's star wars sale

12-21-2009, 09:45 AM
Hi everyone, I am located in Toronto and prefer to deal locally, but do accept paypal and will ship at exact cost.

Here is what I have for sale. I am also interested in trades, if you have anything unique that is star wars related.

Lava Vader $50
Lava Anakin $15
Lava Obiwan $15

Separation of the Twins
-Infant luke & obiwan $30
-Infant leia & bail organa $30

Storm Trooper Commander (force unleashed) $50
Celebration 3 Vader $30
SDCC holographic Leia $20
SDCC smiling luke $20

Expanded Universe Luke $15
Expanded Universe Leia $15
Walmart exclusive 2-pack Thire & Rys $30
Saga UGH Anakin (US card) $15

CLONE WARS ($13 each all on US card)
-Cad Bane
-Captain Rex
-Commander Gree
-ARF Trooper
-41st Elite Corps
-Captain Argyus

#49 Tarados Gon $13
Bacara $13
Rum Sleg $15
Jawa & security driod $13
Jeremoch Colton $13
Commander Deviss $13
Cody $15
Concept Ki-Adi-Mundi $13
Concept IG-88 $15
Concept anakin $20

Ep.1 electric naboo fighter game with exclusive anakin figure (in naboo pilot helmet) $15

UNLEASHED ($20 each)
yoda vs sidious

Octuptarra driod (walmart exclusive) $50
Elite Tie Interceptor with 181st pilot (TRU exclusive) $50

Walmart Exclusive Force Unleashed ($30 each)
-Vader with Incinerator troops
-Emporer Palpatine with Shadow stormtroopers

Star Wars Battlefront exclusive scout trooper $20
Star Wars LEGO Pen Set (vader,yoda,R2,Chewie) $30

Order 66 ($20 each)
obi-wan & ARC trooper commander
mace & galactic marine
luminara unduili & AT-RT driver
emporer palpatine & commander thire
vader & commander bow
obi-wan & AT-RT driver
anakin & ARC trooper
yoda & kashyyyk trooper

Remote Control scout/speederbike $50
Evolutions - Clone Commanders (walmart exclusive) $40
Treachery on Saleucami $40
Might Muggs Stormtrooper (US version) $30

Ultra stylized bobble head (cylindrical packaging)
- boba fett $25
- shadow stormtrooper $25

Jabba's Palace battlepack $40
At-TE squadron battlepack $40
Legacy Dewback with Sandtrooper (walmart exclusive ) $50

POTF (european cards)
Deluxe Snowtrooper with heavy repeating blaster $8
Deluxe Han Solo with smuggler flight pack $8

I also have a number of statues:

Koto vader vs luke (box is damaged) $100
Koto obi-wan (Ep.3) $75
Koto anakin (Ep.3) $50
Koto vader (Ep.2) $50

Sideshow jabba exclusive (with cup) $150
Gentle Giant senate guard $150 (willing to trade for a royal guard)

Master Replicas scaled spiderman busts (sealed)
Venom - $30
Spiderman (red) $20
Spiderman (black) $20
** or all 3 for $50 !

iron man modern $150
iron man stealth $150
faux bronze thor (only willing to trade)
faux bronze daredevil (only willing to trade)

whew...I think that's it!