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12-26-2009, 10:53 PM
Hello, new member here.:)

I have good feedback/references at he-man.org and eBay with the username marndt8448, and with the username m.arndt at fwoosh, AFI and legionsofgotham.org

My wife recently hit a deer with our mini-van, so any extra $$ I may have had has to go toward paying off those repairs. Hopefully someone is looking for some of this stuff. Please make me an offer. I'm certainly not looking to get rich, just want this stuff gone. Better deals on bulk offers.
For anyone in the GTA, I make trips to Brampton to visit family so I'd gladly bring any of this stuff down to meet & save on shipping. I also work in Ottawa, if anyone in the Ottawa Valley would want to meet.
This is preferred actually, since it would be a lot easier to meet than ship this stuff all over the place, so even cheaper prices for that.



-White Man-Bat (mint in box, but box not mint)
-Scarecrow (MOC)

DCUC (loose figures, no C&C piece)

DCUC Public Enemies (loose figures, no C&C piece)
-Black Lightning

Marvel legends
-Namor series 2 (MOC)

Mattel Batman comic line
-Bruce Wayne (moc) x3
-Mr. Freeze regular (moc) x2
-chase Mr. Freeze, no goggles (loose)
-Killer Croc (carded)

Hasbro TRU G1 Transformers reissues
-Optimus Prime (mib, corner of box slightly frayed) *ask me for a pic, sticker on trailer has small crease*
-Starscream Commerative Series II from 2002 (mimb) x2

2002 MOTU

MOC figures:
-Battle Fist
-Beastman (regular)
-the General
-He-man (asterisk)
-He-man (cross) x2
-Ice Armor He-man
-Mega Punch He-man x2
-Shield Strike He-man
-Smash Blade He-man
-Snake Hunter He-man
-Stealth Armor He-man
-King Hsss x2
-Man-At-Arms x2
-Battle Glove Man-At-Arms
-Mekaneck x2
-Serpent Tracker Mekaneck x2
-Moss Man (outer mailer box opened only)
-Skeletor ('blood' repaint)
-Fire Armor Skeletor x2
-Snake Crush Skeletor
-Spin Blade Skeletor
-Claw Attack Stratos
-Snake Teela (1 MIMB, 1 w/outer mailer box opened only)
-Trap Jaw x2
-Tri-Klops (repaint)
-Venom Spitting Khan x2
-Zodak x2

loose/complete figures, or mint figures on not-so-mint cards:
-Battle Fist
-He-man (asterisk)
-He-man (cross)
-Shield Strike He-man x2
-Smash Blade He-man
-Keldor (missing human head, but still has vile, melting face, Skeletor face, cape, even box & black outer mailer if you want that too)
-King Hsss
-Mer-man (repaint)
-Skeletor x2 *1 pending*
-Skeletor ('blood' repaint)
-Fire Armor Skeletor x2
-Venom Spitting Khan
-Whiplash (chase) x2
-Zodak x2

2002 MOTU Stactions
-Battle Armor He-Man (MOC)

MOTU Commemorative Series (carded)
-Zodac (x2)

Spider-man Classics (all MOC)
-series 1 Spider-man (x2)
-series 1 black costumed Spider-man (x2)
-KB Toys exclusive Scarlet Spider
-KB Toys exclusive Spider-man 2099 (x2)
-Hobgoblin (x3)
-Humberto Ramos Green Goblon
-Venom w/ alien ooze base

DC Direct:
-JLA Superman w/angry face (carded)
-Reactivated Lobo (loose)
-Superman/Batman Public Enemies series 1 Superman (moc)

The Batman animated:
-Bane (moc)
-Penguin (moc)
-WWC exclusive Catwoman (misb) x2

2002-ish TMNT
-Turtlebot (moc) x2
-Shredder (moc)
-Armored Shredder w/ vac metalized armor (moc)
-Silver Sentry (moc)

loose TMNT figures
-Usagi Yojimbo
-Foot Gunner
-Foot Soldier
-Turtle Titan Mike
-Razor Fist

G.I. Joe (all loose from the Ninja Battles set, includes base)
-Shadow strike
-Tiger Claw
-Black Dragon Ninja
-Storm Shadow
-Snake Eyes

Simpsons (all carded)
-Homer (x2)

Takara Transformers Masterpiece
-Skywarp (loose, head & arm lasers swapped with Hasbro release version)

All the rest:
-4H Commander Argus (loose/complete)
-LOTR Twin Towers Golum w/ electronis sounds base (carded x2)
-LOTR Return of the King glow in the dark King of the Dead (carded)
-Stargate movie Horus Caucasian (carded)
-Stargate movie Horus African-American (carded)
-1996 X-men Ninja Force Space Ninja Deathbird (carded x2)
-1996 Spawn Sansker figure (carded)
-McFarlane Toys Where the Wild Things Are Max & Goatboy 2 pack (carded)
-X2 movie Nightcrawler
-Spider-man 2 Doc Ock w/ bendable tentacles, 2nd version (carded)
-Onimusha 2: Oda Nobunaga (moc)

DCUC C&C pieces
-Atom Smasher head & lower torso x2 (from Captain Cold)
-Despero right leg (from Wonder Woman)
-Giganta left arm (from Parademon)
-Imperiex right leg (from Joker)
-Kalibak right leg (from Dr. Impossible)
-Kalibak left arm & club (from Superman)
-Trigon left arm (from Superboy)
-Chemo lower torso (from Black Canary)

ML BAF pieces
-Annihilus right wing (from Hercules figure)
-Blob upper torso (from She-Hulk)
-Fin Fang Foom left leg x2 (from classic green Hulk & savage gray Hulk figures)
-Fin Fang Foom right leg (from Absorbing Man)
-Mojo torso x2 (from Psylocke)
-Nemesis left leg (from Black Bolt)

Wants: (any of my wants can be loose, I'm an opener anyways)
-MOTUC Faker (doesn't matter which release it is)
-ML Mole man

01-28-2010, 10:00 PM
i have the monkeyman lower torso, but the only thing i see in your list i need is sinestro

11-30-2010, 01:01 PM