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Parts list:

Arms, legs & waist - Shockwave V3
Torso & head - SDS
AK-47 - Marauder John
Phone - 25th Firefly

Started out with some body work, knees were so loose it was a joke so those as well as the shoulders & neck were tightened up considerably to hold any pose.
Trimmed elbow joints to eliminate paint rub, sanded shoulders a little as well.
Once it was all together I sanded out all the mold lines & even the joining halves of the upper legs.
Next was paint, this all started with complete coverage of an all black base coat so everything you're seeing was painted on by hand/brush.
No factory paint or plastic can be seen.

My entry into the http://www.hisstank.com/forum/g-i-joe-customs-contests/101458-pimp-daddy-destro-my-ride-custom-contest.html ........

Blueshirt Commander/Cobra Ferret ATV Driver

CODE NAME: Commander Conall

Real Name: Kion O'Fianne
Birthplace: Derry, Ireland

Primary Military Specialty: Military Tactician/Strategist
Secondary Military Specialty: Mercenary

Commander Conall came out of Ireland's South Derry Independent Republican Unit which was an Irish republican guerrilla unit that operated during 19731978
Conall was lured to and joined COBRA shortly after leaving the SDIRU in 1977
As one of COBRA's first Blueshirts from way back in the earliest beginnings, he worked his way up the chain of command quick under the watchful eye of the organization's leader.
If you're a Blueshirt or Viper, you answer to him.
His present position holds him responsible for troop deployment and overseeing field strategy efficiency and effectiveness.
Moving around in the battle field is an essential part of his job, his vehicle of choice - COBRA's Ferret ATV.
He can get to where he needs to be to oversee operations as well as help out the troops in battle when needed while on his ride.

Just for fun...

I used Irish Gaelic names/words when creating his code name/real name, the true meanings are below...

Commander "high & mighty"(Conall)
"Ancient"(Keon) O' "ring"(Fianne) > [ancient O' ring]


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The wood grain on the AK-47 is spectactular. Great job all around.