View Full Version : TOY YARD SALE Jun 5! Toronto

05-30-2011, 02:28 PM
Hi, I am hauling my toy collection out to sell in a one day only Yard Sale this coming Sunday.

I know there are a few collectors out there that are taking TTC all the way out here. I will offer a LOCAL GTA delivery for those that want stuff that can't carry it on the bus. Up to $200 worth of goods it will be $5 for delivery. Spend more and it's FREE!

I have tons of loose Power Rangers, Zords, Japanese Zords in boxes and a pile of other assorted toys. I will give discounts on multiple item purchases. No reasonable offers will be refused!

The Yard Sale is weather permitting.

Located in Lawrence/Leslie Don Mills area.

Send me a message if you want the exact address.

Will post ad and some pics on Craigslist and Kajiji.http://toronto.kijiji.ca/c-buy-and-sell-toys-games-Power-Ranger-Super-Sentai-Toy-Collection-Sell-Off-W0QQAdIdZ286700707

Here is a partial Japanese mecha price list- all are boxed- most in good to excellent condition
Autographed Ranger Stick Weapon $100
Thunder Slinger Weapon $100
Red Ranger Figure $30

DX Won Tiger (white tigerzord) $40
DX Daimugen (Tor Shuttlezord) $100
DX Kiba Ranger 8” (white ranger) $30
DX Dai Rod (staff weapon) $40

Intermediate Invincible Shogun $80
Kakulaser/Knife $80
JuuShou Fighters (battle borgs)
White/Yellow/Blue/Black $50 each
Red Shark Bleeder (bike) $50
Red Saruder (red zord) $40
Die Cast Ninja White figure $50

DX Gunmazin (Auric) $40

Carranger Garage $60
DX VRV Robo $200
DX Pegasus Thunder (red car) $30
Dragon Cruiser (blue car) $30
Red Speeder Machine $15
Yellow Speeder Machine $15

Super Galaxy Mega (intermediate zord) $20
Galaxy Megaship (intermediate zord) $20
Cyberslider Black $20

Bullblack Starbeast GoTaurus $50

Max Victory Robo $40

DX Time Shadow $20
DX Providus Playset $80

DX Gao King (die cast megazord) $60
DX Gao Hunter (predazord) $80
Gao Black cycle $10

DX Senpujiin (megazord) $150
DX Gouraijin (beetlezord) $120
DX Tenkuujin (green zord) $80
DX Revolver Mammoth $150
Blue Ranger Figure $10
DX Blue Dolphin $10

DX Abarenoh (megazord) $80