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Re: Think this is a good idea for the sightings at this time ?

Originally Posted by Gphalen View Post
Where to even begin.... You Old? a Toddler? got a pre existing condition? Then what is your issue? People are loosing their minds because their source of information had been delivering misinformation even though they had the facts. The Corvid 19 virus is a flu a bit stronger than usual but that's it, You get fever and chills and puke and in a few days it gets better. Its not say S.a.R`s or H1N1 that China has released upon the world in the past two decades its not going to kill you unless your in those three categories. People just need to take percautions. I mean its great you want to self isolate for your own safety HOWEVER, Costco Walmart every Grocery Store is still open still full of employees and they are by law not allowed to close they have to remain open to serve the public to ensure food supply, Distribution centers are considered an essential service they have on average 450 employees each that work 24/7 they all cant afford to sit home. Not everyone is cowering at home they can`t afford to!
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Re: Think this is a good idea for the sightings at this time ?

I understand the temptation to underplay the severity of whatís going on. People are scared, so some people try to resolve that personal fear by taking the ďitís not as serious for some peopleĒ narrative. Itís the lack of control that is hitting some people the hardest.

At the end of the day, we donít know how this is going to end. Weíre nowhere near the peak of all this. It might not be till the end of May until we see a semblance of normal life. And that sucks. It really does. So there are going to be people who will insist on carrying on as normal because being removed from normal life for that long is an unsettling proposition. We canít go to work, our kids canít go to school, we canít go to malls or restaurants or take a mental break from a bad day and wander through a toy aisle or electronics store and pick up something to brighten our day (maybe thatís just me?&#128512

At first, the post I read yesterday made me angry. But after thinking about it I feel like it really came from a place of fear. So I feel sympathy for the person who posted that. I feel sympathy for all those people who insist on being out in the world because they feel itís the only way they can deal with the current situation. I feel sympathy for the people who cannot work and wonder how theyíre going to survive financially. I feel sympathy for the people like me who take care of people who are immune compromised, who might not suffer too badly if they themselves get sick, but could easily lose people they care about to this pandemic. And I feel sympathy for the people who are just hunkering down and trying to make the best of things while the world navigates through this unprecedented time in history.

And with my sympathy comes love. Letís take care of each other. Letís look out for each other. Letís share our concerns, our fears, and when we can manage it, our help. Letís fill our need for new toys by browsing the news online. I know Iíll be going back and looking again at everything announced during New York Toy Fair. And thereís always online shopping if we can afford it and we need our toy fix. For those of us who donít know how this is going to end, remember that this too shall pass. We will see the other side of this thing eventually. And come June or July, if youíre in an EB Games in Calgary and see an old bearded man perusing the Marvel Legends, give him a little nod.

I promise Iíll nod back.🙂
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