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Hi! I'm currently looking I live in Canada.

If you'd like to buy figures, it's $5 each for loose and $10 each for MOC unless otherwise noted.

HINT: If someone was to buy the whole set, he or she might get a good discount


Not all figures have their complete accessory sets (e.g. I put Wave 2 Beach Head's backpack with my comic pack Beach Head). The pics should reveal what they come with but if you have any questions please ask.

There should be a few more pics coming..Photobucket is really slow ATM.

Here's my sell/trade list:

LOOSE 25th

Duke - Wave 7
Duke - Greenshirt (body is actually Grunt's SRO)
Shipwreck - Comic Pack
Stalker - DVD Pack
Cobra Soldier - DVD Pack (no MASS cart)
Destro - IG Comic Pack (black head) - $10
Destro - UBP
Duke - SRO Pack
Cobra Commander (hooded) - DVD Pack
Cobra Commander - Legions Box
Storm Shadow - Legions Box
Scarface - Comic Pack
Wild Weasel - Comic Pack
Cobra Commander - Wave 8 (no MASS element)
Python Patrol Officer
Snake Eyes - Wave 1
Wild Bill - SRO
Ace - SRO
Deep Six - from SHARC
Storm Shadow - Resolute
Destro - Resolute
Serpentor - Wave 2
Beach Head - Wave 2
Scrap Iron - from Extreme Conditions Set

LOOSE Vintage or Vintage-style

Deep Six - Vintage
Big Ben - TRAHC
Dial Tone - TRAHC
Low-Light - TRAHC
Scarlett - Vintage-style Comic Pack (w/skis)
Shockwave - Vintage
Side Track - TRAHC
Keel Haul - Battle Corps
Frostbite - Vintage
Lt. Gorky - Vintage-style Comic Pack
Double Blast - TRAHC
Thrasher - Vintage-style Comic Pack
Sure Fire - TRAHC
Footloose - Vintage
Shock Viper - Vintage-style 2002
Destro - Vintage-style Comic Pack
Dragonsky - Vintage-style Comic Pack
Wild Bill - Vintage
Major Bludd - "Chinese Custom" - 2001 head on '92 Flagg body
Bazooka - Vintage
Lt. Gorky - 1998 version
Snake Eyes - TRAHC
Destro - Vintage 1988
Lady Jaye - Vintage-style Comic Pack
Chameleon - TRAHC


Snake Eyes/Scarlett Toyfare 2-pack
25th Torpedo (foil logo US card)
25th Flash (foil logo US card)
25th Major Bludd (foil logo US card)


Vintage stands (from SmallJoes) 0.25 each

Thanks for reading!
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