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Re: New Nickelodeon Rise of the Ninja Turtles figures released in Canada.

Out of curiosity, and disregarding anyone's like or dislike of the designs, did anyone pick any up? How are they (specifically interested in the fab 4)?
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Re: New Nickelodeon Rise of the Ninja Turtles figures released in Canada.

When they first showed off the designs, I liked the look of the show, but didn't love the figures. I've seen more pictures from Fan Expo, and after seeing the bikes in person, I am liking the figures. I don't know if they have grown on me, or if the original pictures didn't do the toys justice. I plan to pick up Raph, and possibly the other three turtles, and down the rabbit hole (manhole cover?) from there.
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Re: New Nickelodeon Rise of the Ninja Turtles figures released in Canada.

I'm actually digging the deluxe action figure distribution at Toys R US stores in the Ottawa, Ontario region. For the first time in forever, I was able to walk into a local Toys R US and pick up nearly an entire set of deluxe action figures for $10 a piece! (I only skipped purchasing one out of the nine available deluxe figures, just because the sole April O'Neil figure in stock had a bad paint job applied to her eyebrows and pupils.)

In general, these deluxe figures are nice looking and a lot of fun. They remind me of the Transformers Animated line. Just take into account that both these figures and the TV show are primarily aimed at kids (rather than adult fans) and enjoy them for what they are. I feel that the deluxe figures are worth the purchase price and are a close match to the designs of the characters in the tv show. The only grievances I have are the following:
- In my opinion, the vehicles and playset are relatively weak sauce. The tv intro makes the Turtle van look so cool, whereas the actual toy's detailing and play features (i.e. Elevating roof and ladder) are disappointing.

- At this year's San Diego Comic Convention, Nickelodeon offered fans the opportunity to buy premium versions of the 4 deluxe Ninja Turtles figures for $30 US (plus California taxes). When factoring in the Canadian conversion rate, I felt bad about paying $84 Canadian just to acquire two deluxe figures (of Raph and Don). But now that I've seen the $10 Canadian deluxe versions of the four Ninja Turtles on shelves, I'm feeling a bit bad about not having purchased the premium versions of the other two Ninja Turtles. (From what I've observed, the standard releases are lacking some paint decals and more effort and care were taken in applying the paint jobs to the premium figures.) It's sad when you see several desirable figures just sitting on a shelf that no one is likely going to pick up at regular retail price because of their sloppy paint jobs (e.g. derpy eyes, crooked eyebrows, faded or smudged paint, etc). But at least with this toy line, a bad paint job on a $10 figure is somewhat ok, compared to spending $30 plus taxes for a Star Wars Black Series or Marvel Legends figure with a crap paint job.)

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