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Originally Posted by aquanet View Post
I know they aren't super rare, but getting it for under 10 would have been great too. I can live without A-bomb.

I missed Omega Red a couple of times, Silver Snail was sold out 10 mins before I got there! Damn!

Catwoman Bishoujo, I kick myself all the time when I see it at LCS for up in the $200 range. Could have got it for $50, but passed.
TRU Pickering Brock Road has MU Both A Bombs, Colossus and Grey Hulk, still at 25% off, till tomorrow
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I've been telling this one for years, and I think I'll be banging my head on the table for the rest of my life.

Back when I was in Tokyo in October 2009, I walked into Mandarake and saw a Studio Half-Eye Godannar Twin Drive. The initial pricing when it came out was about 55000yen (~$550-575 at the exchange at the time). The listed price at Mandarake was ~26000yen (about $250). It was opened and used, but holy damn!

Unfortunately, I didn't have the luggage space for it to bring it back, so I unfortunately passed on it. Checking auctions these days, even broken ones go for about 60000yen (~$650), whereas intact and/or new ones can reach more, probably around 80000yen ($800-850), if not even higher.

It is currently at the top of my holiest of grails list. Hell, it's been 4+ years now, and I'm STILL regretting it. And I will probably continue to regret not grabbing it when I saw it at the at price for the rest of my life, because I'll a) probably never see one in front of me again, and b) even if I do, it'll never be at the price that I saw it at.
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bombastic bagman marvel universe figure. there was ONE in stock for 12.99, unfortunately I was no where near the store and they wouldn't do a hold.... of course someone snagged it at that price, all the other ones I saw were 40 bucks.

Can't find a marvel select flash thompson venom anywhere, or the NECA tmnt figures. I have mikey should have got the others when i had the chance.
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marvel legends, marvel universe

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