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  1. Movies you are looking forward to in 2009
  2. Can someone please explain Final Crisis to me.....
  3. Dan Aykroyd is coming soon to a Liquor Mart near me!
  4. Tax return, baby!
  5. Zellers Batman commercial from waaaaaayyy back
  6. Comics
  7. Has anyone watched the new Bob and Doug McKenzie Cartoon?
  8. Wolverine: yay or nay?
  9. Any thoughts on the new Star Trek film?
  10. The Legend of Billy Dee Williams
  11. The Hangover
  12. Actionfigurenews.ca Now Has 1000 Members
  13. Vote for your Favorite Star Trek Episodes at Space!
  14. I'm in the Star Wars Essential Atlas!
  15. Favorite Christmas Films/TV Programs
  16. Anyone else psyched for Smallville "Society" & " Legends"?
  17. Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths
  18. The Central Canada Comic Con 2010
  19. DC Animated Series discussion
  20. Oh what to do with a pile of metal
  21. Superman returns, kicks Batmans ass...
  22. Wizard World Toronto Comic Con 2010 Report
  23. marvel vs. capcom 3
  24. What Are You Watching?
  25. Great KOs
  26. What Are You Reading?
  27. Howdy!
  28. Introductions
  29. Seth Rogan's The Green Hornet
  30. Predators
  31. Who's in Vancouver and what do you collect?
  32. Draw The World Together: Andrew Wildman's Charity
  33. Iacon North Fundraising Garage Sale
  34. Stan Lee to pen NHL Superheroes
  35. Does anyone collect statues?
  36. Paypal suggestion
  37. DC Universe Movie discussion
  38. replica rifle
  39. Sneakers
  40. The Legend of the Steel Breed
  41. I have a coupon for $20 off a bobblehead
  42. Spider-man Live Musical
  43. Seasame Street "Slayer Sing-Along"
  44. It's a TRAP! Family guy!
  45. Marvel Universe Movie Discussion
  46. Kodoo el tabador figures?
  47. review of Sonic Producer
  48. Zellers for sale!
  49. Dc universe online
  50. A member of the Fantastic Four is dead (spoilers)
  51. VW Superbowl Star Wars Spot
  52. Custom license plates
  53. Who would win?
  54. Stupid guy hits girlfriend!(Spiderman Video)
  55. 1960's Style Opening Title Sequence for X-Men: First Class
  56. Favorite Space Ships
  57. Canada Custom
  58. Free Comic Book Day: Sat, May 7th
  59. HBO's Game of Thrones (Season 2)
  60. Passes to Green Lantern Emerald Knights screening in Toronto and Sauga
  61. The NHL Returns To Winnipeg!
  62. Iacon North Fan Gathering August 27th!
  63. X-Men: First Class
  64. MARVEL Canadian Heroes Return
  65. Wizard World C4 2011 Cancelled, But Another Con Will Rise From Its Ashes!
  66. The Central Canada Comic Con 2011 - William Shatner Announced!
  67. Thundercats 2011
  68. Stylin Online looking for workers for Fan Expo
  69. DC Comics Social/Discussion Thread
  70. Avengers 1st trailer
  71. The Movie Trailer Thread
  72. Comic Book Daily Contest - Green Lantern Blu-Ray
  73. Anyone know what these are?
  74. Favorite Horror Films/TV Series Of All Time
  75. Bret Hart at C4!
  76. What wuold you do if someone destroyed your collection?
  77. Expendables 2
  78. The Latest Blu-Ray or DVD that you bought
  79. The Hobbit Movie Trailer
  80. Merry Christmas all!
  81. Watch out for these guys...
  82. Happy New Year Everyone!
  83. Dungeons & Dragons DVD at Giant Tiger for $1
  84. Fan Expo Vancouver 2012
  85. Star Trek Sequel Starts Shooting
  86. RIP Whitney Houston
  87. The Walking Dead TV Series Discussion(Spoilers)
  88. eBay.ca question/problem
  89. Con-G Convention (Guelph)
  90. AFN Canadian Pop Culture Convention Listings 2012
  91. Zellers Store Closings
  93. Ralph McQuarrie
  94. LEGO Star Wars - Ultimate Collector's Series R2-D2
  95. Marvel Universe Animated Thread
  96. I need help understanding Amazon.ca' pricing policies
  97. Michael Bay Says TMNT Remake Will Feature Alien Turtles
  98. Prometheus(Alien Prequel)
  99. manga - where do you get yours from?
  100. What do you do in the real world?
  101. The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes
  102. I'm sure someone here collects Batman stuff
  103. Blood Plus
  104. Fan Expo 2012 Haul
  105. Life's Too Short - HBO Series Starring Warwick Davis
  106. Free Comic Book Day! Sat. May 5! Today!
  107. Happy Canada Day!
  108. Captain America 2
  109. Comics / Graphic novels hauls thread
  110. Merry X-Mas/Happy Holidays/Happy New Year
  111. Star Wars Sequel Trilogy: What Do You Want To See?
  112. Sports Card/Comic Book/Toy Show Toronto, Ontraio Sunday May 26th 10am-4pm
  113. Toy Photography-Unbound
  114. New Star Wars Dark Times Animated Series Announced
  116. Hotwheels King Features Nostalgia series
  117. The Clone Wars Wins 2 Daytime Emmys
  118. westTOcardshow Sports Cards Comic Book Toy Show Toronto Sun July 7th Free Entry
  119. Ewoks aren't cute and cuddly
  120. What video game are you playing?
  121. Writer's Production recruitment
  122. Collectors Garage Sale - Winnipeg: Saturday April 26th!
  123. FUNexpo2014 - May 24
  124. Ottawa Pop Expo To Be Featured on Heroes of Cosplay
  125. Batman vs. Superman trailer ?
  126. What is your most prized possession?
  127. Central Canada Comic Con 2014
  128. Boo!
  129. Christmas Toy Drive Fundraiser
  130. Happy Holidays
  131. Possibility That Target Will Look To Cease Canadian Operations
  132. Homemade RC Millennium Falcon
  133. Fixing up an old NES
  134. Toy Collectors Garage Sale Sunday May 24th in Winnipeg
  135. Niagara Falls Comic Con
  136. Antman sweepstakes for Canada
  137. Nintendo Group
  138. Happy Halloween
  139. Welcome Our New AFN Mod, C Spray!
  140. Xmass Greetings
  141. TFCON 2016 - Anyone want to split a table?
  142. Ener-Con 2017 Fundraiser Saturday in Winnipeg!
  143. Canada post work disruption!
  144. New Facebook Toy Trader group for Canada
  145. Rogue One movie SPOILER FREE (for now) discussion thread
  146. Darth Santa ?
  147. #RIPGordonDownie :(
  148. Successful Toy Hunt LoL ;)
  149. Happy Holidays Everyone :)